1. What do I do as a Santa? How does this event work?

Our Santas provide items on our families’ greatest needs and greatest wishes list. You can see each family member’s clothing size and lists when you click the “Adopt Button” beneath their family store. You wrap the gifts and label them with the family member’s first name, then drop them off at our North Pole on December 9th. 

2. How do I adopt a family?

Families are adopted via our online system. Click here to adopt a family.You do not need to register or log in in order to adopt a family!

3. Can I adopt more than one family?

You are welcome to adopt as many families as you are able to adopt. Simply click the “Adopt Another Family Button” at checkout to adopt another family. You can go the adoption cart in the upper right hand corner of the page and click “finalize adoption” when are ready to complete your adoption. 

4. How should I label my family’s gifts?

Please label gifts with the family number and the recipient’s first name. Do not include the last name, as last names have been changed to protect participant confidentiality. 

5. I’ve adopted a family. How do I drop off their gifts?

Gift drop off is Saturday, December 9th ONLY at 4 Park Plaza in Irvine.  Please email FHF@BrightFutures4Kids.org to schedule a drop off time and download a gift inventory sheet to complete and bring with you here.

6. How do I sign up to deliver gifts as a Reindeer?

To sign up for a volunteer Reindeer shift, click here.  Please sign up per car rather than per person so we can have an accurate count.

All other volunteer shifts can be found here.

7. I’m delivering as a Reindeer—what do I need to bring?

Please bring your Driver’s License and a copy of your insurance card for our records. 

8. The website isn’t working. Why do I just see a blank white page? 

Our website is best viewed on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer 10 and above. The site may not fully be compatible with Internet Explorer versions 8 and below. We recommend updating your Internet Explorer browser to the latest version or using Google Chrome for full functionality.

9. I only see a few families on the website–why aren’t all 300 families up for adoption?

We enter families on the website as we receive applications. This means that the need is in real time, and families will be posted in real time as well. Families are posted on a weekly, if not daily basis. If you don’t see a family that meets your needs, please be patient. We will be posting families through November 24th, 2017. 

10. How do I finalize the adoption process? I don’t see a confirmation button. Am I supposed to pay to adopt a family?

You do not need to pay to adopt a family. Once you have selected the “Adopt This Family” button, please go to the top right corner of the page and click the finalize adoption button from your Adoption Cart. You will be prompted to enter your contact information and will receive a confirmation email. If you adopted a family, but did not receive a confirmation email (don’t forget to check your Spam folder!) please contact us at FHF@brightfutures4kids.org. 

11. I want to adopt a family, but I’d like to sort by family size. How do I do this?

The website will automatically push unadopted families to the top of the list. To sort by family size, please select the drop down menu on the right side of the page (see below). 

Drop Down Instruction Image


11. Am I seeing the family’s real name on the website?

The family last name has been changed to a pseudonym to protect the confidentiality of the participants in our programs, especially families involved in the social services agency or in domestic abuse situations. First names have remained the same. For this reason, we ask that you label family gifts with only the first name and family number. Since the family last name has been changed, you may see a different last name when you receive your thank you letter from the family.